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Comprehensive analysis of the Grand Fantasia titles

Grand Grand Fantasia Gold force problem, it seems right to a kind of hard to explain the attractiveness of players. Many players struggle without rest for this purpose. They are such feelings, which I was very understandable. I remember one time my number is blocked, and I am very distressed. I believe everyone had a similar experience. So today I came for the titles you analyze the situation. As far as I know, for the following reasons may make you titles.
1, the virtual trading titles
Most of the foreign game virtual trading is prohibited, as long as there have been technical departments found in a virtual transaction account will inevitably lead to titles.
2, long-term farm titles
China is implementing a machine to open up long-term at a fixed map of farm are Grand Fantasia Gold very many, especially in the team combination, most people plant a combination of Master + treasure hunt, it is easy to reports by foreign players. Because the long-term behavior of a fixed place of farm materials seriously affected the normal collection of players.
3, plug-in
Basically the use of plug-in will seal. In addition to operators, to report the acceptance of other players outside the country has begun preparations for the Chinese version of the operation, so the domestic plug-in is likely to have been collected there for developers, technical studies, large-scale closure of plug-in is a matter of time.
4, Black Card
Black card is also necessary seal, so please buy a card at a time when Delta, be Grand Fantasia Gold sure to look for reputable card providers.
5, registration, Delta, games, a different IP
This is a virtual non-player in terms of the transaction is a nightmare, at present an Kama titles principle is rather victimizes not be missed to kill, so that some players have been a normal game titles, reason for this is to use agents, registration, Delta, games IP Each is different, leading to titles.
6, shared IP
Shared IP is mainly caused by free agency. Many players on the Internet for Grand Fantasia Gold virtual transactions to a number of tests or free IP, resulting in a large number of IP overlap, as long as a person who reports titles or virtual transactions, will inevitably lead to other IP numbers blocked.

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