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Forsaken World Unveils Pet System

C&C Media released the info about the MMORPG Forsaken World's pet system(3 days after the game's OBT launch). The pets in Forsaken World are classified into two types, i.e. mounts and fighting pets, both of which play an important role in players' adventures. Now, let's check out the pet types and the way to obtain them!

Forsaken World not only integrates immersive RPG elements, but also introduces a pet system and casts pets as players' good partners in gameplay. The pets are separated into fighting pets (which are endowed with an abundance of skills) and mounts, and can apply skills automatically as appropriate to aid players during combat.

TAs monsters emerge repeatedly during gameplay, players can change the monsters to their own pets by means of 'temingu', or combine the monsters with other pets to get new pets. Thanks to rich elements tied into the pet system, players are able to create peculiar pets too.

There's no restriction on the number of fighting pets each player can have. Such pets can not only be created, but also be gained through the "temingu" feature.

Starting Level: Level 10

Players have the initiative to decide whether to maintain pets' existing skills when creating pets,(Forsaken World Gold) and can thus possess the pets peculiar to them.

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