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Ether Saga Online (commonly abbreviated as ESO), is an MMORPG developed by Beijing Perfect World. The International version has now been released worldwide in an English-language format. Ether Saga launched its closed beta February 2, 2009. The open beta began on March 17, 2009. And was fully released on July 1, 2009.

Ether Saga Online is heavily based on Journey to the West.


Renzu is the archetypal human race. The Ren run most of the major cities. They have advanced technology, societies and political systems. Their influence extends far and wide. It is the Human task to collect fragments of the Divine Chalice which were scattered about the world when a clumsy official dropped it.

Shenzu is the Demigod race. These individuals keep mostly to themselves focusing on spiritual cultivation and reaching higher levels of consciousness. They have been instructed to capture a certain pig demon who is actually the reincarnation of a powerful yet unruly heavenly general.

Yaoh They were once animals but through advanced spiritual cultivation they were acknowledged by Heaven and granted acceptance as powerful and worthy of respect. Yaoh communities are found in various parts of the land. Their goal is to find a Sacred Ark that was discovered missing during the Peach Yard Banquet. Without this vessel the sacred knowledge cannot be brought to the Middle Kingdom.

Dragoon Considered as a Tank. Engages in battle using a lance and wears heavy armor.

Rogue Considered as a damage dealer. Uses poison-tipped daggers and wears medium armor.

Mystic is a healer, can cast Buffs. Prefers Staves in battle. Wears light armor.

Ranger Considered a ranged damage dealer. Can cast negative buffs at enemies. Wears light armor and fights with a bow.

Conjurer is a offensive spell-caster. Can cast positive buffs. Equips amulets and wears light armor in battle.

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