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a support character

Here we will introduce you some basic character roles in Dark age of Camelot, if you are interested, please have a look.

Basically with its high defense, a knight will either remain at the back-ish to cover retreats and protect team mates or be upfront with the main attackers. When being a coverer, can pump out souls and attack if needed. And while being upfront, take hits as well as attack the opponent if open (DAOC Platinum).

With its high attack and 'cool' abilities, a bearcat will mostly be at front. Having a bearcat near base would be a waste of the soul linkers attack. Even with their moderate hp, bearcats can still be ganged on and defeated, it is best to have somebody to support it. Also, you can buy DAOC Platinum for your classes that can make them exciting.

As the name suggests, the priest is mainly a support character. However a smart priest can do direct damage here and there, but not so much to endanger the rest of the team. Having a large weakness against the faster melee characters, priests will often be singled out and, well, basically destroyed. For a priest, it's best to remain with somebody else (DAOC Plat) or near a few buildings.

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