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The Combat Tips for APB

APB: Combat as a whole is undergoing a fairly extensive facelift at the moment. We're looking to improve both the immersiveness of the combat experience and apb gold the overall balance between the various weapons. First and foremost, we've started work on adding recoil to all weapons. Even the first iteration of this that we're playing internally at the moment makes combat a much more intense experience and apb gold adds an extra layer of skill to the game.As well as recoil, we're experimenting with Depth of Field, some new camera effects and beefed up VFX and SFX to round the whole experience out.

 We've also done another round of weapon balancing which seeks to diversify weapons(apb gold) more, the addition of the recoil effect allows us to give each weapon much more individual character. Various other improvements on the cards include new animations to allow players to jump directly out of vehicles from the combat position rather than having to go back in through the window. Then open the door, a apb money more fluid response from crouch and marksmanship controls and a revamp of combat messages to clean up the HUD, give players more immediate feedback about kills, stuns, assists and so on. We're very excited about how combat is going to look and play once we're finished, and apb money we hope to have something for you to play with on PTW before too long.

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