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APB Feature

Unrestricted Liberty and Ultimate Freedom
apb gold is a genre-breaking game unlike any other in the MMOG market in which Gangs commit crimes and Law Enforcement try to stop them, resulting in dramatic chases, shoot-outs, busts, escapes and arrests. A wide range of action-based activities are supported. Those winning an encounter gain status and cash, and apb money the cash can be spent on advanced weapons, vehicles and other kits. Players can carry out these activities individually, or band together into groups.

Persistent Turf War
Both Gangs andapb money Law Enforcement will continuously attempt to capture key areas of the city and expand their spheres of influence. These ¡®turf areas¡¯ offer access to the best gear, while persistently displaying their owner¡¯s status and symbols. Territory is vulnerable 24/7, with players constantly engaged in battles for control. For periods when they are not online, players must upgrade their defenses changing turf features or equipping AI adequately or run the risk of losing their turf to a rival Gang or Squad. Capturing multiple turf areas gets progressively harder, but provides correspondingly better rewards.

Fully Customizable Gaming Experience
Gangs of apb gold live and breathe graffiti, attitude, customized cars and earning cash any way possible. Law Enforcement up holds honor, teamwork, advanced weapons, and the destruction of the Gangs. Players will determine how their characters live and grow in the apb gold world without typical MMOG leveling-up constraints. They¡¯ll create the ultimate customized online experience with vehicles, weapons, clothes, music, attitude, and environment. From tailoring characters¡¯ looks to apb cash creating catalogues of shared elements to defining their identity, every crew can have a unique, custom look from hair and clothing down to the way they walk, talk and the music they play.

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