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Play a Paladin well

There are several basic pieces of information and skills that you need to play a Paladin well. For those times you need to do something else, make sure you have a collection of gear either in your bank or bags that allow you to fulfil other roles. If you are mainly a DPS based Paladin for example, make sure you have a set of healing gear for those times when you might need it. Doing this will allow you to join far more groups that you could normally find if you just had gear for one thing. Even though you are not specialized in what that group is looking for Stoneage2 Gold, with the right gear you can be competent.

Few other classes that can take as much of a beating as a Paladin and none can do it as well on their own. Sure a warrior or Druid in bear form can have as much or more armour and health, but neither can heal themselves (unless the druid drops to normal form and  Stoneage2 Gold takes a beating). As soon as you hit level 40 you are the only class other than warriors that can wear plate armour.


 For longer changes it may mean carrying gear for different purposes and Stoneage 2 Gold being skilled at using it. For instance many Paladin tanks carry full healing sets for raids, so that when they are at a fight that requires fewer tanks than they have in the group they can switch gear and help heal.

This is another very often overlooked skill that truly separates the good players from the herd. Many normal players get focused just on what they are doing and lose track of what else is going on. As a multipurpose class you cannot afford to do that because  Stoneage2 Gold earned by doing quest is far away enough, if you want to be great as a group PvE player. There are times you need to be able to switch from what you are doing to do something else. For example, even though you may be in a group as DPS, realizing a healer went down, and dropping out of the attack to heal (even though they will be small) could make all the difference. Being a tank and knowing when to bubble another player (especially a healer) can make all the difference as well. Recognizing the times that you should switch roles and acting those takes practice and Stoneage 2 Gold can make all the difference in a group.

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