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SoulMaster Class Guide: Bearcat

For beginners, may that is difficult to choose the most appropriate class in Soul Master. However, knowing the characteristics of each class, you will be very easy to choose. Following there is an advice, please have a look and may you will have an idea.

First we will introduce the priest class and the rogue like class, bearcat they call it maybe. Bearcat is a good choice for PvP (not sure others would say the same), your AoE combo attack, skills, and souls are good for PvP (excluding golgonas, don’t know why those aren’t changed). You have a retreat skill as well as a chase skill. But in all simplicity, as that classes are genderlocked which is somewhat dissapointing, so you can only stuck with the priest.

Bearcat, it is excellent at PVP. It has cool skills like hide, good HP, does not die as fast as priest. Great damage. In honesty, looking for a strong AOE class with heavy defense. answer to that would be knight, Bearcats are the strongest damagers 1v1, priests are fairly solid all around, but both are a bit squishyer, and neither has the AOE capacity of a knight right.

Now admitted with every power comes great drawbacks Soul Master Money, Knights are hands down the weakest 1v1 against either bearcat or priests, unless you can trick them into running from you and hit them in the back lol, however they can single handedly take down 10-15 tier one units in a few seconds by themselves Soul Master Gold.

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