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Treasure Hunt in Red War

WoW Gold the Stone Age world of Red War Gold every player arranges his personal dwelling right from the start.

With its many features the so called den functions as base camp and newsroom for each resident simultaneously. It allows players not only to store their equipment and Redwar Gold, but to browse information and images from the progress of their online career in several different albums.

They can record their own adventures and experiences with the album functions, write their own personal diary and  Red War Gold transfer both directly to their own genuine weblog. A pet list within the houses of the free Free2Play MMORPG in mange style gives players a complete overview of the status of their own virtual animals.

For a limited time, new players will have the ability to snatch up the following items, absolutely free, just for checking out the wonderful world of Stone Age 2. It will be all right if you have much more Red War Gold

One Small Shell Axe Arm yourself for adventure with this free weapon that will see you through many days of hard fighting. Ten Fruit of Perception, each Fruit of Perception doubles the experience you receive from battles for two hours what a sweet snack.

Five Wizard Feed Soups Each cup of this mystical broth raises the Loyalty to 100.

Five Dinosaur Cookies, because dinosaurs ate cookies too; it is Redwar Gold just that none of them fossilized so we have no record. You might want to try one of these when your endurance is low.

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