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Ghost Pirates of Treasure Island, Buy Pet Forest Gold

Greetings Forest Walkers,

Ghost Pirates have landed on the shores of Karugarner.Buy Pet Forest Gold, No one really knows where they came from and what they were supposed to do. However, a black market dearer,Buy Pet Forest Power leveling, Ted knows the secret of the pirates and the location of the treasure buried by them. If you want to dear with him, you need to have something that will invoke his greed. Keep your steps close to the pirates’ treasure.

From now on, the Ghost Pirates will be walking around the shores of Karugarner (476, 138) through June 6th (PST). Once you defeat them, you will possibly obtain Old Teeth, which can be redeemed for daily reward. You can redeem 20 Old Teeth for 1Pirate Token in the Daily Sign-in Reward window. No matter you are VIP or not, you can only redeem for this daily reward once in each day during the event time period.

These Ghost Pirates are cursed, and therefore can hardly be captured. However,Buy Pet Forest Gold, you can raise the success rate of the hunt if you use a higher class of trap during a battle. When you collect enough Pirate Tokens or Soul Orbs of Ghost Pirates, go talk to Stranger Ted (199, 228) in Karugarner City and redeem them for extraordinary rewards.

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