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Pet Forest Overview

Originally titled Canaan Online, Pet Forest is a MMORPG that does more in a web browser than many stand alone 2D turn-based games do with a standalone client. The graphics are simple, but remarkably smooth. The turn based gameplay takes place on a separate screen when players encounter an enemy. Players are accompanied into battle by a single pet. Newbies start with a flying pig pet, but can soon capture much stronger ones. Both pets and characters gain new skills and stat points as they level. The auto navigate feature makes questing simple, and the fast experience rate during the tutorial area keeps things exciting. New players have four classes to chose from and they are:

Warrior - Equipped with heavy armor and weapons, warriors have high defense but are susceptible to magical damage. Class skills include Assault, Taunt, and Chivalry.

Mage - Master of elemental and mental forces, Mages can dish out heavy damage but are fragile in combat. Class skills include Fireball, Icicle, and Pet Forest Gold.

Priest - The divine powers of the Priest allow them to cast both supportive spells and curses. Class skills include Sacred Light, Devotion, and Dark Shadow.

Ranger - Equipped with a bow, Rangers let loose a flurry of arrows. Their high dexterity allows them to avoid attacks and deal heavy damage. Class skills include Concentration of Arrows, Dexterity, and Armor-Breaking Shot.

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