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Upcoming persistent online game set in mythical Ancient Greece

Petroglyph is a company best known for real-time strategy games. The company was founded by veterans of the now-defunct Westwood Studios, which created the Command & Conquer series. Since forming in 2003, Petroglyph has released Wars: Empire at War and Universe at War: Earth Assault, both RTS games. But with Mytheon, Petroglyph (in conjunction with True Games) is making the jump into the persistent online games market. 

Mytheon is described as a blend of action, strategy, and RPG gameplay, but to find out more, we caught up with Peter Cesario, director of product development at True Games, and Chris Rubyor, the lead designer of Petroglyph.

IGN: Quick summary, but what exactly is Mytheon? All we know at this point is from the press release. It's an "online micro transaction game" that combines "the best elements of action, strategy and RPG gameplay" in Ancient Greece. 

Peter Cesario: Mytheon will truly be a unique experience as it combines these genres with Mytheon Gold collectability element. Player's will be able to choose from three distinct character classes, and then embark on a quest to defeat and earn their freedom from powerful mythological gods. What gives your character the ability to go toe-to-toe with the Gods themselves are what we call "Power Stones"--magical items that transform into companions, structures, and spells. There will be hundreds of different types of these stones in game, and collecting them will be paramount to your struggle. With its distinctive game play, attention to detail, and overall high production values, we really do believe that Mytheon will raise the quality bar for all micro-transaction games.

IGN: This is a collaborative effort between True Games and Petroglyph. What's the story behind the development?

Peter Cesario: Although True Games is publishing and Petroglyph [is] developing Mytheon, collaboration has been key from the very beginning. Our mutual goal is to bring the player an exciting, well executed gaming experience. Because of this, we work closely together on game mechanics, storyline, monetization strategies, even web site design. Since both sides bring unique expertise to the table, we feel collaboration critical to making Mytheon Online Gold the best product possible.

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