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Kal Online Geons is an mmorpg created by the Korean company Inixsoft. The player is given a choice of four professions including a Knight, a Mage, an Archer and a Thief. The player can also choose between a list of ten faces and styles of hair for each class.
The knight characters are male, With the focus on strength and health. Their weapon style is the sword. The Mages are female, focusing on intelligence and wisdom; their weapon style is the staff. The archer class is female, focusing on strength and agility. Their weapon style is the bow and arrow. The thief character is also female, using daggers and stealth to thwart the enemy.
There are so far 11 unique armours in which 10 are for the players and 1 is special to the GM(GameMaster). Every armour is given a number and a name (G8 SaSaEul armour). There are different levels of armour: G8, G16, G24, G32, G42, G46, G50, G55, G60 and G65.
Groups of players can be formed in the game, these are called guilds. Each guild has a leader and a co-leader. The leader is the founder of the guild, he can add and delete persons of the guild. Each guild has a name and each guild class has a title. There are 5 guild classes: Leader, Co-Leader, Warchief, Member, Temporary member. The leader can give them an extra name. Example: If the guild is called: Guild, then the leader can be named: FouderOf Guild. The leader can change these names and they can be seen under the normal username.
A player can customize his character by adding stat- and skill points each level up. There are five areas of skill that can be improved as the player wishes as he or she progresses through the game. These skills are strength, health, intelligence, wisdom, and agility.
To achieve a level up, the player needs to kill monsters, and complete quests, given by NPCs (non playing characters)
The game is free to play no charges at all, and it includes a online shop from which you can buy items (Kal cash items) online and use them in game or sell them.
There are also Animal Eggs which players can hatch into a animal which gives the player''s character more points (Agility, Strength, Intelligence, wisdom and health) and a better running speed. A player can only hatch your egg (Animal) when it reaches level 11.

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