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Guild Wars Game of the Year Edition contains

Guild Wars Game of the Year Edition contains an unique piece of equipment for every profession in-game - not available anywhere else!
Guild Wars Gold takes place in a fantasy world, where guilds of characters of a wide range of professions can make a mark on history. The reason we chose the fantasy realm is that we wanted a place that was instantly familiar to gamers, and also one that offers us near-limitless opportunities for new and exciting types of friends and foes. Like the evolving worlds of Warcraft, StarCraft and Diablo that we helped to build over the years, we're creating a new place that we believe you'll want to visit over and over.
As far as gameplay, if you like a solo Guild Wars Gold, you'll find quests intended just for you. If you're more of a small-team player, or the kind who likes to join up with a casual group on the fly, you can do so in Guild Wars. And if you favor the idea of the massive quests and long-term challenges “ conquering the world, planting your guild flag on the castle – you have those opportunities as well. And, because Guild Wars Gold your character is persistent, and because we're not breaking the world into shards, servers, or realms, you can play from anywhere in the world, with anyone in the world!
Join in cooperative quests or unite in head-to-head guild battles.
Develop a unique character who can Guild Wars Gold explore multiple professions and choose from hundreds of unique skills.
Enjoy fully-integrated support for guilds, including worldwide tournaments and ladders, guildhalls, special character Guild Wars Goldidentification and forums directly built into the game.
Experience a changing world, where the entire landscape can be altered as you explore and conquer.
Play in a secure server-hosted game environment that prevents cheating; guild wars ecto ArenaNet's technology allows quick and seamless resolution of exploits.

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