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GodsWar Online Class System Preview

There are 2 main classes in GodsWar Online: warrior and mage.Each has more than 10 subclasses. You will be able to switch yourclasses and acquire relative special abilities. 

Unlike other online games, GodsWar online endows every playerwith two separate levels, corresponding to warrior and magerespectively based on training, which means that in the same characteryour warrior may hit level 50 but your mage is only level 10. Besides,you will be able to transfer class as long as you meet the levelrequirements and possess the required item. Class transfer will makeyou temporarily lose the original class skill bonus but get a newcareer skill bonus meanwhile. But you will not lose level or experiencedue to career transfer. Class transfer is a new start; not only willyou have more charming class titles, but also acquire more professionalskills, magic spells and other powerful combat abilities aftertransfer. Moreover, you will be able to obtain various exclusiveall-new items after transfer. Training a new character, (GodsWar Online Gold)which is agreat challenge, will help you understand the game profoundly and enjoythe character growth better.

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