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For those of you who wanted to try out Digimon Masters Online, I have some good news for you. Joymax , the publishers of the game, have announced that open beta is coming soon. How soon? Well it will be held from September 27th to October 11th. Even better news is that if you get in during that period you don’t need to worry about losing your character, they aren’t planning on doing any character resets during this testing period.

For those unfamiliar with the game, I guess it can best be described as Pokémon Online in a sense. The game revolves around trainers and their partners. The partners being called Digimon, which are ‘digital monsters’, which in the game can grow and evolve into different form and as they grow they will learn new skills for battle, sounds familiar right? It is even more similar in the fact that trainers don’t directly participate in the battle, their Digimon do. In battle however, it progresses in real time, not turned based. Also, before any of you start to flame me, I do realize while it is similar to Pokémon in some regards, it’s completely different. The only reason I did even mention it, was to help give an understanding to some of the basics of the game.

Graphically speaking the game looks fairly attractive, (Digimon Masters Online Gold)at least from the shots and video I have seen. The graphics are cell-shaded, so if that isn’t your cup of tea, you may want to move on. But for the rest of us, it offers a nice look to certain games; in this case, it looks well done.

Overall the game looks nice, and it does seem to target a younger audience, but I have no doubt older groups will be joining in the fray eventually as well.

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