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Q: Gaia Towns are not working
A: Checklist to fix towns:

have you tried gaia gold reopening the window
have you cleared your cache? (info can be found here)
do you have a firewall enabled?
do you have the latest version of shockwave?
There are other unknown reasons as well
Q: Why am I loading forever
A: I hate when this happens, you must close your towns window, and reopen it.

Q: What can I do gaia gold with my bugs?
A: Right now all you can do is sell them in the marketplace, soon you may be able to trade them in like the fishing items to get Items.

Q: Do people buy at these prices
A: Not always, there is a massive supply and a small demand.

Q: Boggie keeps saying “unidentified”
A: Man I hate when this happens, all you must do is click on the navigate and go to a new area. gaia gold Or close the window and reopen it.

Q: I am a grey blob
A: try reserving your avatar and after that I suggest clearing your cache. For information on how to do this click here

Q: What is the point of this thread.
A: to inform people

Q: Trash? how do I clean gaia online gold?
A: Just click on it

Q: I cant catch more bugs/flowers/trash
A: Do you have a net? Are try using it (Is the bottom tab yellow). Is your net full?

Q: My avi is not changing
A: I have tested this myself… your avi in town will not change till you clear your cache. For information on how to do this click here

Q: Any tips for getting a rare bug?
A: Get a horse shoe, a four leaf clover, and  gaia online gold any other good luck trinket, they are RARE

Q: How do I get a house?
A: first get a free house and a permit from the Aekea Housing Commission To place your home you need to find a lot that has a vacancy, go to that lot, and walk up to a plot of land that has a for sale sign on it. When you click the sign, you’re given the option to place your house there. You can buy items to put in your house at The Faktori. Note: Many of the towns are reserved and gaia online gold you will not be able to move in there, keep looking.

Q: My house if not saving
A: There is a bug that effects certain items for saving.

Q: I cant see vacant signs
A: If you can see vacant signs make sure you have a house and gaia online gold permit from the Aekea Housing Commission If that dose not work you most likely are in a reserved area. you can not build a house in a reserved area unless you are on there friends list.

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