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Fury Trial Experience

The game Fury as a whole belongs to athletic types, like domestic Neice near "Emergency" (evaluation) is similar.
Here are the contents of the various aspects of the game.
First, login interface, the same as in other games, the characters are simple to create, even if do not know English, I do not think there is any difficulty fury gold.
People have to create hair styles, colors, faces, clothes, four options for the players, the overall options for small, people kind of diversification is not how. Therefore, in this respect as a whole did not feel very good, but also in fineness are also poor people.
Second, after entering the game to guide the novice, I am due to unreasonable in English fury gold, from start to finish totally did not watch the tips, because can not read, as long as required NEXT it wants to, as the process there will be some instructions to implement a small task. Including, kill the NPC a center of the map, press F12 to open command window will be the general content of each window it wants to know again. Then transferred to the next map to career choices, in fact, employment in the game can switch fury gold. After the selected occupations on the map of the most next to a Portal, with the NPC in front of the conversation can formally enter the games.
Novice guide is very monotonous is a word say that there was no talk about that carefully one by one.
Then talk about the game map system, because the game is not the wild Daguai type, so there is no detailed map of small circles. Logo and guidelines is to map the game is similar in general do not make too many evaluations fury gold.
As for the sports map, is divided into melee, team, Capture the Flag. Like with the assault on the map are set resurrection point, the characters will die a death in the resurrection point of resurrection.
Is an independent player melee fighting, to the number of each Kill as evaluation criteria in order to increase the number of kill the experience of the map there are a wide variety of supplies available to the player or do supplementary use.
The team is the 4V4's gang warfare, there must be better co-ordination and tactics to co-ordinate.

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