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TwelveSky2 vs. DragonSky: Interview with Aeria Games

Today we are going to have an interview with Thomas from Aeria Games to talk about two games published by them in North American, Twelve Sky 2 and Dragon Sky. In this article, Thomas took a lot of features about TwelveSky2 and Dragonsky Nyang for comparison and show us two entirely different Martial Arts worlds.

MMOsite: I'm so glad to have this opportunity to do an interview with you. Would you please briefly introduce yourself and Aeria Games to our readers first?

Thomas: First of all, we would like to thank you for giving us this opportunity. My name is Thomas Mckay I am the Associate Producer for Twelve Sky and Twelve Sky2. I have been working on the Twelve Sky brand for nearly 2 years now and it's been an absolute blast.

MMOsite: Though Twelve Sky 2(TS2) is the sequel to Twelve Sky Classic(TSC), there may still be some players unfamiliar with this game series. In this respect, can you give us a brief introduction?
Thomas: The Twelve Sky series is all about warring factions and their struggles for power, from PvP to battles for control of entire zones. In Twelve Sky 2 we have added an additional faction bringing the total count to 4. When you first log into game you will select your faction Dragonsky Gold and level up, as you level battle zones will open up to you and allow you to compete against other factions for silver or experience.

MMOsite: What are the major differences between Twelve Sky Classic and Dragonsky Nyang?

Thomas: There have been a lot of changes made to Twelve Sky 2 the most apparent being the graphics update, addition of the 4th faction (Nangin) and the major changes to PVP.

In Twelve Sky 1, the last faction standing at the end of a battle would be announced the winner. Now in Dragonsky Nyang, players who die will re-spawn at the start of the map ,Dragonsky Nyang and continue fighting. The winner is now determined by the faction that has the most kills at the end of the battle, this allows the players to be much more aggressive in battle.


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