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Default Rules for Dragonica

In Dragonica, 53 swinging, PK colorless when the old saw red eyes say no, you are blind is observed, then why do you have to open a pole red-eye, not color, your definition is: a colorless link, then you are blind to can not put a fire wave of. 12 is also OK, come in five individuals, also said it was not colorless, a total of 7 PK5 a red-eye, put the whole pole, and that five non- color, and finally your desperate, you can put five consecutive waves of fire, seconds, and the end of all call me trash, pole is not colorless.

Fan regulation is again before you start, five red-eye to hit win(Dragonica Gold), not colorless, does not mean anything , pole is not colorless, is not, then what you can use colorless, and blind can not use Double knife is a colorless, do not tell you that the skills(dragonica online gold) that go with the TX, that had not colorless, at Zan area, pole default is not colorless. The unspoken rules is this. At least most people are so default.

However, at least not by default when opening a colorless(Dragonica Money), colorless, you do not, you would not colorless, provided the default is not colorless pole. It is also the default. You can not be the default from scratch all the skills are not colorless. Say that from scratch would agree, pole is not colorless, red-eye recognized the white hands had never recognized how you default, he is a colorless consumption. This is a fact that you have a skill called into no consumption TX colorless, no colorless, not on the body of a colorless, who also does not take(Cheap Dragonica Gold).


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