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Comment: Honestly, I think domo gold is quite a great game! You get to Fly at level 15, CHANGE JOBS as many times as you want on ONE CHARACTER (most other games have you choose a permanent job field for every Character) by at least level 10, is built in with two different great story plots with somewhat cinematic features (makes you feel like it's a regular RPG you buy to play on your ps3! like the final fantasy games). You can have your own pet which learns skills, attacks, evolves three times, and it can luke cute or cool or both! 

The skills of various jobs make it great to party with people. You can create a guild with at least 6 party members level 20 and up, and domo gold set up a hierarchy so that specific guild titles have different levels of authority!. There are also possibilities to gain titles for yourselves through in-game missions (there was just an update making the titles a little more useful too).

The game is also very funny with things as like neighing ducks (i was told about that, haven't actually looked for it) and pigs named Pupu (not to be confused with poopoo lol).

It's a cute game with possibilities to become one of 4 races, either the burly, or sexy, Shuras, the slim and domo gold innocent-looking Humans, the heavenly floating Sylphs, or the tiny childlike Sprites. what is also great is that you don't have to stick to just one character if you don't want to, they give you the option of having TWO characters! which you can choose the gender, race, and other attributes as well!

This game, brought to you by Aeria Games, is quite entertaining and the managing staff is awesome as well; there is usually at least one GM online at a time. In the Forums of the site there is a Shout Box which is like a scrolling chat room, and by using this you may receive answers to questions, role play, get updates on maintenance, etc... Plus they have an Item Mall which lets you buy items like costumes, harvesting materials, pet food, and domo gold more!

I highly recommend this well created and managed game to anyone of any age. It can help strengthen social skills, build new friends, bring up self-esteem, keep kids from harmful situations (like drugs, fights, hanging with the wrong crowd, etc...), and many other benefits.

I hope this review was helpful and domo gold I can't wait to see you in the game!

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