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Asda Story interview: Jiwoo Park, Producer of Asda

Onrpg: With Valentine’s Day just passed, what events did you hold during this holiday of love? How did they go?

Jiwoo Park: This Valentine’s Day we wanted to get some more interaction going in the player community between users that have been around since our very first Beta and the ones that just started last week. To this end we had a fairly large Gift Exchange Event where our mid to high level players were given a good amount of items that could only be used by the lower level players, and in exchange they got some rewards for giving them out through our Title competition that we have which ranks players for their in-game achievements. We also had some updates with our new Pet System, where players had to collect Valentine’s Day Love tokens to get access to special holiday themed pets which give their characters stat bonuses among a few others.


Onrpg: The Soulmate system is one of the factors that set asdastory apart from other MMOs. Could you explain this interesting system to us?

Jiwoo Park: The Soulmate system is an in-game function unique to asda story gold which allows players to pair up with the characters on another user’s account and gain various powers and benefits that they would otherwise not have access to. The most basic of which is that as they play alongside one another’s characters they gain greatly increased amounts of experience and all-around higher stats than they normally would. As they continue to play together they are able to gain Soulmate levels which unlock increasingly powerful skills including resurrection abilities, improved damage, very strong healing abilities, and even the power to summon and teleport to one another anywhere in the game. Soulmates are also able to have one of the pair log off when they need to go offline, and while the other is still able to play they can collect extra experience which may be split between them when the first player can log back in at a later time. Soulmates are able to level far faster than a single player, and have a great deal more versatility with their characters’ abilities while being a part of a Soulmate bond.

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