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Level 30-39 in Twelve Sky2 Gold

Level 30-39 in Twelve Sky2 Gold:


You should now get your akin 30 abilities as anon as you can. Get the akin 30 multi skill. And use a abridgement sutra to abolish the akin 1 skill. Now akin the akin 30 accomplishment up to akin 22, and buy alone (M) chi pills, they both booty up to 252 chi. So if your bound on money, this is perfect. Alpha aggravating to acquisition you R45 weapon. Do all quests, if you appetite to, skip the action quests.


Stat Build: 3 Str: 2 Vit, you should b able to catchbasin 12Sky2 Gold administration adequately calmly by now.


Skill Build: Get your multi level(Twelve Sky Gold Silver Coins) 22, again abide to max your buff.


Level 40-49:


Your aboriginal attenuate wep. You should try to absorb your money on alluring it to 60%, this will advice greatly.

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