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War of Angels: Heaven or Hell

War of Angels, developed by NJ Interactive and published by Neowiz, is an MMO fantasy roleplaying game with a unique set of features, including a guild city system, as well as aerial and underwater combat. Players can link up to explore massive scaled dungeons, chat in town, and fight with other players in order to rise to the top.

War of Angels’ character creation isn’t a far stretch beyond anything we’ve seen before. Upon initial creation, characters are able to choose a single class, and then upgrade to a subclass at level 20. As of right now, there are four classes. The Fighter, Rogue, Ranger, and Mage. The Fighter is able to promote to Warrior or Knight, the Rogue is able to choose between Scout or Avenger, the Ranger is able to choose between Hunter and Archer, and the Mage is able to choose between Cleric or Sorcerer. In order to fulfill my fantasies of casting hellish… err… angelic magic bolts from the sky, I rolled with a Mage.

WoA doesn’t offer much in terms of customization, with a generic Face, Hair Style, Color, Weapon, and Armor Color selector, along with a size selector. However, the amount of effort that went into the armor and weapon selector is quite impressive and provides a good insight on how a character is going to look at later levels.

Although War of Angels Gold mixes the best of Eastern and Western developer clichés in MMOs, it at least produces a tolerable MMO soup. The same basic principles from other MMOs apply: hotbars, targeting, casting and combat are all present and standard. However, the added element of Flight adds a whole new dimension of fun.

Flight has become an added plane of gameplay in other games such as Perfect World and Aion, yes, but the fluidity in War of Angels Gold is surprisingly well done, and provides an enjoyable experience throughout the entire game, because wings are available from level one and onwards. Another cool element about War of Angels lies in the Deathblow system, which allows players to gain a reservoir of energy from killing monsters. You are able to fill up to three tiers of this Deathblow energy, with each additional tier providing a greater and flashier killing strike.

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