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Lab Software developed by the PotBS

Flying Lab Software developed by the "Pirates of the Burning Sea" is a theme of the 18th century pirates MMORPG. Spain, England and France 3 for the Caribbean side of the war as background resources, players can decide to become a heroic Navy, the shrewd businessman or aspect of piracy at sea.

The PotBS Gold game is special about the players is to have sufficient transfer the right to choose, three kinds of professional designers to use a common system of basic PotBS Gold skills (skill-based system).

Even when the audience a choice of starting a free traders, such as the start of the war After joining the Navy, and then become a pirate, or can continue to improve grades.

Another game has changed the mode of the past Shadi upgrade, Flying Lab Software has developed a wide range of technical expertise to upgrade the accumulated experience of value, and the players must take account of knowledge and practice, to the operating system as an example.

Game design by the two co-operation a Boat, so how will the school to the knowledge and practical cooperation with, they will become the key navigation.

The PotBS Gold game screen and real details of the set is fine, all vessels are true proportion of the design, the sail can take-off and landing operation, with different perspectives can switch from various angles to see the surrounding circumstances, including on deck to View of the distant perspective.

Allegedly the game soundtrack, by the Academy Award for best sound award for the "high seas Zhengfeng" of the production staff, the game added to appeal.

The Pirates of the Burning Sea Guide will show you the basics to launch yourself into the sea of the Caribbean, guiding you from the process of character creation and picking your nation to explaining the interface of the game to get you going.

The Pirates of the Burning Sea guides are all unofficial strategy guides written by our authors with the intent to provide uncensored and unbiased about PotBS.

The PotBS strategy guides are not reviewed, approved or censored by the game developers nor the publishers.

Our goal is to provide a professional, independent and outstanding source of Pirates of the Burning Sea secrets.


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