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1.Perfect World Mount Design Contest Which kind of experience you want to have when farming Perfect World Gold? What will make your PW Gold getting become more interesting? What mount would you like to see in Ether Saga? The game developers are planning out a new mount.2.Perfect World Reset Sale Available Good news to you: Reset Notes and Makeover Scrolls are on sale for this week! Let’s learn some details about this issue. Do you have a perfect life in Perfect World? has the Perfect World Gold which can make your game life perfect!3.Major Events of Perfect World about Perfect World Gold Players level 40 and above who want Perfect World Gold can participate in Horse Racing. All players are able to participate in Treasure Hunts. Participants are transported into an area containing invincible monsters. 4.PW Gold: Reduced Prices on Refining Materials Beginning today, the prices of all refining materials in the boutique are permanently reduced! So, come on, Buy PW Gold on Upgrade your equipment with the help of the mystical Dragon Orbs, now for 40% less! These items will allow you to enhance your equipment with a 100% success rate.5.Perfect World Gold Features Perfect World, is an MMORPG developed by Beijing Perfect World, which is popularized for the game features, like Perfect World Personalized Clothing,Perfect World Battles,Perfect World Crafting,and Perfect World Personalized Clothing,Perfect World Battles,Perfect World Crafting,Perfect World Gold, as well as Perfect World Guild/Clan System. 6.Perfect World: Charm Sale and New Clothing Items Available Now Bronze and Silver Charms will be 40% cheaper than their original price. The Cheapest Perfect World Gold is here

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