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Pandora Saga Item Giveaway

MMOCrunch is teaming up with Atlus Online to offer MMOCrunch readers a chance at getting some free in-game items for Pandora Saga. We have 250 keys available, which can be obtained via our Pandora Saga key giveaway page.

The item package includes the following in-game items.

Premium One-Day Ticket - When used, the following bonuses will be granted for 24 hours: experience gain will increase by 30%, your item drop rate will increase by 20%, and your death penalty will become 2%.
Short Sword +5 – A weapon used by warriors-in-training.
Club +5 – A blunt wooden weapon.
Knife +5 – A dagger that even beginners can use.
Wand +5 – A wand that increases magical strength. Not intended to be used for physical attacks.
Gamebeson +5 – Clothing typically worn underneath armor.
Gyanbose Cuisses +5 – Quilted leg armor.
Quilted Gloves +5 – Quilted gloves.
Quilted Boots +5 – Quilted footwear.
For those of you who don’t know what Pandora Saga Gold is, its the recently released free-2-play PvP-centric MMORPG set in a fantasy/medieval world that allows up to 600 combatants to battle simultaneously. It has a variety of PvP challenges and exciting large-scale battle among three nations. The main character takes the role of a young adventurer questing to regain his memory against the backdrop of centuries of war between the nations of the Kingdom of St. Pfelstein, Latugan Empire, and Varik Confederation.

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