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I've seen people with the same item, but with different colors.
How does that work?
I saw a bunch of people sitting around a campfire.
What's the deal with campfires?
When I connect to the game, on the top it says, 'Today is (day of the week)' along with an effect... what is this? How does that work?
The item window turned red
Are there any important differences between playing during the day or at night? (Game time)
After I hit the monster, it jumped right back and mabinogi gold attacked me.
Is there anyway to continually attack?
How come there isn't much of a difference between armor and clothes?
I heard that I can learn magic skills by taking class... but where can I take classes?
There are characters with names such as 'The Bear Slayer'
Why are their names so long?
I was talking to an NPC, and mabinogi gold they said that they didn't like me.
How do I make the NPC like me again? Are there negative effects if an NPC is not fond of me?
I aged on Saturday. What happens as I get older?
I got fat while eating. Do you automatically gain weight when you eat?
The owl dropped a present. How do I receive this present?
Some of the clothes that users sell have higher EXP than the ones sold in shops. How do I purchase them?
How come some people get more hits with the same weapon as mine?
I went into a dungeon and mabinogi gold  it says someone else created this dungeon.
What does this mean?
There are too many monsters around me. I don't know which one to attack first.

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