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Basic gameplay
Lineage II screenshot of an elven characterTo begin playing Lineage II, players create a character as their avatar in the game's medieval-style virtual world. Humans, Elves and Dark Elves start off in the Kingdom of Aden while Dwarves and Orcs start off in the Kingdom of Elmore. Players can choose from either fighter or mystic professions at the start, except for Dwarves and Kamael which are only able to select the fighter profession; this choice acts as an archetype for later profession options. Each race has its own set of classes, even if humans, elves and dark elves have a lot of classes that are very similar to their counterparts in the other two races.


As players kill non-player character (NPC) monsters, they accumulate experience points and skill points (SP). As experience points accumulate, the character's level increases, meaning various attributes of the character are augmented. Players purchase and then upgrade their character’s skills using SP. Players can play alone or as part of a group to fight monsters and complete quests for new skills, experience points, and items. Player versus player (PvP) is a significant portion of the game. The game provides many social, political, and economic aspects which are developed through the community and by the actions, in-game, of single players.Lineage II features siege warfare like the original. To make sure PvP stays under control, the design includes a Karma system that provides negative consequences for killing other players when they are not fighting back. When being in a chaotic state (karma number higher than zero), players have a high probability of dropping items after being killed.

Classes and subclasses
There are currently a large number of classes (36) for all races all together. Each race and subsequent class has a set amount of Stat Points already assigned to their class.


Upon completing the quests after reaching level 75, a player may add subclass to their character. This subclass starts at level 40. Limitations are put in place on which subclass one can choose (e.g. Dark Elves may not choose Elf subclasses. In addition, a player may not choose a class that matches their main class (a Dark Avenger may not become a Paladin, likewise a Treasure Hunter may not become a Plains Walker). Once a subclass has reached level 75, players may choose another. A character may hold a total of three subclasses in addition to their main class.


Heroes are Noblesse characters who have competed in and won the Grand Olympiad at least 1 out 9 times. There is a limit of 35 Heroes at any time, and only the character's main class will receive the title. Heroes receive special weapons and abilities; in addition, they may speak globally to their entire server. They also receive a glowing aura so that they stand out against other characters.

In Lineage II, a player can obtain a monster that becomes his or her pet through the completion of quests. Unlike other summons or magic, as long as certain conditions are met, a pet will not be bound by time limitations, nor will it be dismissed by force. These pets can also hold most items in their inventories while they are called, including pet weapons and armor that can be equipped on the pet.

The game follows a fictional history through sets of plots called "Sagas". There are currently two sagas; "The Chaotic Chronicle" and "The Chaotic Throne". Large-scale updates/expansions known as "Chronicles" are done every six months, which introduce new story elements as well as new features and add-ons. Each chronicle also adds a great deal of new content to the game, including new skills, quests, areas and items; some chronicles also increased the level cap.

Lineage II is set in the world of its predecessor, Lineage, though the main storyline begins 150 years prior to the events in Lineage.[2] The world of Lineage II is divided into three kingdoms, Aden, Elmore, and Gracia.[2][3] Aden lies south of the Border Outposts its capital castle is Aden Castle. Elmore lies to the north of the Outposts and encompasses Goddard, Rune and Schuttgart. Its capital castle is Rune Castle. Gracia lies to the west of Aden and Elmore. Aden's geography ranges from deserts to tropical forests. Elmore is more rugged having mostly mountainous regions along with a frozen winter wastelands.

Characters act as a player’s avatar within the game. Players are afforded up to 7 characters per server. There are currently six races in the world of Lineage II: the Humans-similar to modern-day humans and who have all-around balanced characteristics; the Elves-with superior dexterity, movement, and casting speed, but weaker offense; Dark Elves-with higher magic and melee attack capabilities; Orcs-who have higher HP and MP but slower movement; Dwarves-powerful melee attackers and master craftsmen; and Kamael-humanoids with single wings and gender-specific job classes. are offering cheapest Lineage 2 Adena or L2 Adena to our clients. Prices slashed 20% off and another Gold offered free with your order. Nowhere else can you find such a great sale! Join us and get your Lineage 2 Adena and L2 Adena. Keep an eye on our special sale everyday :)


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