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How to play this game?

Do you know this game? It is a new game, when you enter this game, you will get a gun, and a lot of Latale Ely , the money is very important in this game, so you should have more, but it is not a easy thing, the money is not easy to earn, so some people like to kill people, when you kill a people, his money will give you, and you will get his gun, but it is very dangerous, if you die, you will lose all, so this idea is not good, you can earn Latale Ely, you can finish tasks, every tasks has different awards, it will tell you if you finish it you will get what, so you can go to finish a lot of tasks, you will get Latale Ely, but it is not easy too, because the task is very difficult, so some times, many people like to ask their friends to help, they make a team with their friends, you can do this too, you can make a team, and ask who want to help you finish the task, then there will so many people join your team, you are the leader, then you can go to finish, if you finish, every people will get La Tale gold, when I level is young, I often join with others, then make friends with them, I grow up very soon, I think it is a good way, do you think so? And when you need to have some Latale Ely   online gold, you can buy. Some people sell money in a place. You need to have a map, it is very useful. Hope you will like the game.

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