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My Habbo life

I am Xiao Tian . It is strange to me when my first time to enter habbo credits . But when I spend a great deal of energy in learning to live here , I encounter a new problem . I still do not have a room that is really belong to me . so these days I have been staying in a public room ,and do not know how to do . It looks like I have a good time , but in fact , I have been gloomy . Because I want a home .
Home is a warm place , a place can comfort the injured heart and can protect people who required refuge after setbacks . For a person who has no home , he is incomplete . So when seeing the habbo credits  players who have their own space , I am too envious . But I know that if i want to have a perfect home , I must spend a lot of habbo credits  . However , I am a student , I can not afford so many habbo gold . And even if I have money I do not know how to buy habbo coins. Fortunately , I have made a lot of good friends , a group of understanding friends who provide a lot of help when I am in trouble . Each of them to raise cheap habbo credits  for me , and Xiao Wei also tell me where to buy habbo gold is cheap . I must thank them very much . Today is a special day for me , I finally get my own key of my home . Although the road is very difficult to walk , when I look at the flashing key , I am very excited , and my hands are beginning to slightly shake .
I am running to my home , and put the key into the keyhole slowly . Open the door , close my eyes , go into the room , and then open my eyes . I can not believe it , it is too beautiful . New furniture , hanging bright lights , white walls , and sof bed make me so warm . I have my own space at last . All of these things are provided by my good friends , I will never forget them . Thank you very much .

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