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Guild Wars 2 Trailer Review

ArenaNet has a very early, very wonderful holiday gift for Guild Wars fans this morning: a brand new Guild Wars 2 trailer. The trailer is amazingly beautiful, something we've come to expect from ArenaNet and particularly Guild Wars 2. But if you don't let yourself get distracted by the eye candy -- something that is admittedly hard to do -- there is a lot of new information here, including more details on people and places we've already heard of, and some fascinating possibilities to explore.

Take a look at the video here, then follow along with us as we explore this new information from ArenaNet. If you're unfamiliar with Guild Wars 2, this will help you get acquainted, but we also have some deep lore speculation for current Guild Wars fans.

Guild Wars 2

This trailer is designed to give us a closer look at the five races of Tyria, and we get a chance to hear from each of them and get some insight into how they feel about their role in the battle they've found themselves in. We begin with the human warrior, Logan Thackeray. 

Wait a minute. Thackeray? That certainly opens the door for some speculation, so we'll get the ball rolling: Keiran Thackery was the Ebon Vanguard soldier in charge of Wintersday events in 2008, and he took a special interest in the infamous Gwen.

Once Wintersday was over, Guild Wars 2 Gold could be found now and again in the Hall of Monuments, continuing to reach out to her: "At least I always know where to find you, if I should need...anything." Are these advances toward Gwen a sign of something more? Could Logan Thackery possibly be descended from these two, continuing ArenaNet's inclusion of Gwen in the storyline?

Well, speculation aside, Logan is a defender of Divinity's Reach. We get a good look at some areas of Divinity's Reach in this video, including what seems to be the main plaza, given the festive flags and confetti. (The main plaza is supposed to be the home of a year-round carnival.) Thackeray explains what we already know of the Tyrian humans: they're not having an easy time of it, but continue to battle on for their gods and for Queen Jennah, who makes her home in Divinity's Reach -- possibly in that soaring tower in the background of the main plaza. Not much is known about professions in Guild Wars 2, but the trailer contains some familiarly styled armor, particularly 40 seconds in.


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