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The all-new Champion Mode of Age of Empires Online

MS Playbalance Lead MrMilo aka miloman has posted on our forums about the all-new Champion Mode of Age of Empires Online:

You might remember me from my days as a moderator for AoE3. Or perhaps, I played or talked to you on ESO on AoE3 or AoM or their expansions (I made this account on HeavenGames 10 years ago!). I love Age games, particularly PvP in Age games. I'm posting here because I know you guys and gals love Age games too.

If you left AoEO, or never picked it up, because there was a barrier to getting into the kind of PvP game you wanted to play, you should come back: the barrier is gone. We've just introduced a new way to PvP, Champion Mode, that puts all players on equal footing from the moment you make a civilization. There's no need to get gear or level up in Champion Mode: all in-game techs in the tech tree are unlocked, and gear still makes your units look cool, but it doesn't affect unit stats. Just hop on a Premium civilization and play, simple as that. For more details on Champion Mode, see here.

This game is fun. The pacing is fast-it feels more like AoC than AoM or AoE3-and there is a hard counter system that rewards good micro. Also, (Age of Empires Online Gold)because we patch the game most months, balance changes will come more frequently than they did for AoE3.

If you don't have the game already, check it out: I hope to see you online for some PvP soon!

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