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Flawless Human Rogue Build in Last Chaos

Welcome to Mmobread. This topic is main about the flawless human rogue build in Last Chaos, the information which we got from other site, hope it can help you more or less.

This is for a 1 hand weapon(last chaos gold) using rogue who wears a shield. You can also go the 2 weapon fighting route, sacrificing use magical device and shield proficiency, but we would not recommend it, as you will take more damage when you accidentally get aggro, and you will will not be as useful to the group as a support character. Another feasible build that would provide ample trap disabling and damage, but lacking Use Magical Device skill which you need.

Chaotic Good or Chaotic Neutral: Alignment is a roleplay choice, but in case one of the above is your favorite roleplay choice, or you just do not care, here is why we would choose one of these. In Delera's Tomb there is a pair of bracers that give all chaotic characters +4 to armor class, and it stacks with armor. To our knowledge this is the best in the game(last chaos gold). Armor class is a good thing, and with a shield and these bracers you will have armor class almost as good as if not better than that of many fighters.

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