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IMVU Game description

IMVU is a social network and 3D virtual world developed by IMVU, Inc. The company was founded in 2004 by Will Harvey, a video game developer, entrepreneur and founder of There. The service offers an immersive 3D environment where users can customize their avatars and rooms, in addition to meeting and interacting with other users.


Basic IMVU memberships are free. Free memberships allow users to register a "Guest_" avatar name, make use of the chat service IMVU Credits, purchase virtual content and create a homepage. Paying for membership, which removes "Guest_" from the avatar name and removes non-IMVU advertising, enables additional options such as becoming a content creator and access to additional Forum sections. However, many benefits require further payment such as access to restricted material (the Access Pass[1]), guaranteed access to customer support (the VIP monthly subscription[2]), to be able to create Public Rooms (Access Pass and/or VIP), to change avatar name (Name Change Token[3]) IMVU Credits,, and to ensure you're verified as an adult (Age Verification[4]).

The currency used in IMVU is called "credits." Promo credits or "Predits" are free credits IMVU grants to the user upon initial registration, and additional "Predits" can be earned by playing "Free Spin" or visiting the "New Products Page". Real credits are purchased with real money directly from IMVU or from Content Creator collectives called "Resellers." With real credits, one can send gifts, transfer credits IMVU Credits,, and use them in other ways.

Content creation program

The content creation program, previously known as the developer program, allows members to create their own in-world items in the 3D software application 3ds Max, and export them into the IMVU Previewer. These custom made items can be sold for credits, at the cost of initial and sale fees. A member must buy his or her name and posses enough credits for "derivation" and submission fees in order to become a content creator.
[edit] In-game economy IMVU Credits,

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